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October 15th, 2006 - Yet another comic strip of Pico, the manager.

October 13th, 2006 - Pico is a natural climber...

October 7th, 2006 - A new pastel of Pico

October 4th, 2006 - Pico is quite astonished his employees do not know anything about the famous S curb...

September 10th 2006 - Pico is climbing up cliffs. Check this out...

August 15th 2006 - Several new comic strips of Pico. There's one about Pico and wasps. Pico just hates them and he'll just do anything to kill them...
Pico also tries to hang a nice frame in his mum's house, but it looks like his hole unfortunately goes through the wall and his mum isn't very happy...
Finally, Pico explains his view of hiking in the French mountains. Not so tiring.

June 14th 2006 - France's national day... and Pico explains how much is likes working. It needs no translation apart from the title ("Pico's wonderful story"). By the way, if you're a Blood Bowl fan, there are a few summaries here.

June 11th 2006 - Two new comic strips of Pico. In the first one, Pico tries out one of his famous chocolate recipes, but we're unsure of the result... In the second one, Pico is interviewed, but quite astonished by the questions he is asked...

June 6th 2006 - Ink for printers is so expensive. Pico has a solution... beware

June 4th 2006 - A few restaurants we tried are rated here

May 27th 2006 - Pico is very proud of the buildings he builds...

May 21st 2006 - Pico explains management of large companies to one of his pals

May 5th 2006 - New backcountry skiing tracks

Apr 6th 2006 - Where Pico unfortunately falls in the staircase...By the way, he just meant to come down and show his new model kit to his mother...

Mar 12th 2006 - Pico is removing snow from his car... This really seems exhausting !

Mar 5th 2006 - A few additional reports of Memoir'44 scenarios and another comics strip (Pico struggling with chains for his Ferrari). Short translation:

  • frame 1: Snow ? No problem ! My car tire chains can be installed in less than 5 minutes
  • frame 2: Easy... but... not very well explained...
  • frame 3: I tell you they're gonna hold !
  • frame 4: HEEELLLLP !

Feb 12th 2006 - When Pico ensnares his employees so they don't have time to argue...

Jan 28th 2006 - Partial update of the security conference list

Jan 25th 2006 - Pico at backcountry skiing: looks pretty tiring ! In case you need some rough translation:

  • frame 1: the joys of backcountry skiing...
  • frame 2: a few hours later, still climbing !
  • frame 3: picnic under snow, wind and cold...
  • frame 4: and in the evening, the blister are so painful ! (Pico acknowledges!)

10/09/2005 - Slides of LSM 2005 Security topic are temporarily available here

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